Don’t forget where you came from…

I find this idea to be extremely important as I have walked out the past decade (plus) of my life. Through all the ups and extreme downs I’ve experienced in life, I still find it incredibly easy to forget the pains of my former life. However, I can still remember the pain of being lost in the grip of opioid addiction and the experience of agony in every area of my life. I had officially lost hope during this time and it is hard to put that feeling of hopelessness into words. I had accepted that I would always be lost in the throws of addiction. My identity during this time of my life was one of hopelessness.

As I remember these tough times times there are many things to be extremely thankful for. I am thankful that I was afforded an opportunity to receive the help I needed through the organization I love and now lead. I am thankful that I reconnected with and married the girl of my dreams. I am thankful that I have four beautiful children that I love and adore. I am thankful most importantly to God for redeeming me and renewing that sense of hope that I had lost.

For some reason it is easy to forget these things in the daily grind of life. However, it is good to be intentional and remember where you came from and have big vision for the future. The better I see where I came from, the bigger my vision and dreams for the future increase in clarity. I suppose… when I consider the past and how far my faith has brought me… the better I am able to have eager expectation of the good things that lie ahead through determination, intentionality, prayer, and a firm trust in God’s faithfulness.

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