Out of Balance… Part 2

Less than a year into my role as President/CEO of a faith-centered, non-profit, drug and alcohol treatment center I began to learn a lot. It was the middle of 2016 and I was studying the terrible opioid crisis that was devastating most of the country. I read a statistic from the Centers for Disease Control […]

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Out of Balance… Part 1

I am writing a series of 8 or more blog posts that will highlight my journey as a young ministry leader along with some of the challenges I have experienced. I will highlight some ideas like being “out of balance”, priorities, and being the first to step out into new areas of innovation. I have […]

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Don’t get trapped…

One of the most valuable leadership lessons I’ve learned (through much failure) is summed up in what I’ve named my theory of the “Shiny Stuff.” I believe many of us make this mistake because I’ve seen it and deal with it on a very regular basis (I am growing here because I can now see […]

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