Part 4: Out of Balance: #Project80 in Action

In Part 3, I discussed the various challenges we were faced with now knowing what we prayerfully needed to do. I was aware that I would face criticism for doing something new but we were convinced more than ever that we were doing the right thing. I began searching for the right people to fill vitally important roles in our organization. I was able to find several executive leaders to join our team. They knew there was a new, unique and worthy mission they believed in due to the power of God at work in our ministry endeavors. However, this process took a long time and brought a lot of stress to my life. I would work long hours trying to find the right people to do things I was simply not capable of doing at the level we needed them done. I took a little bit of time off from my MBA program to focus on this project but this also put additional levels of stress on my family and my health. I was fortunate to have mentors surrounding me to help me along during this time. I experienced tremendous amounts of stress and doubt but I was confident that God was guiding me and I continued to lean on those two words, “But God.”

In the next post I will talk about the conclusion of calendar year 2017, how we were able to help others, and the re-prioritization of my life headed into 2018.

Have you dealt with similar challenges on your journey? I would like to hear your thoughts.

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