Live a Life with No (Or at least limited…) Regrets!

This morning I was reading through Psalm 90 and it helped me once again realize that 1) life is a gift, and, 2) that gift is limited in time. Two verses stuck out in the middle of this passage: Psalm 90:12, “So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom”, and 90:17, “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands.”

I am in constant need of the grace of God in my life and this reminder is always timely. Life moves fast and I don’t want to miss it. There are so many things that cause distractions from the important things in life. Whether it be spending time with my family, or spending time on the “right” things in my professional life, I need to be reminded that time is a limited resource. And not only is time a limited resource, it is something I need to take advantage of, because as time goes by, my kids grow up, my professional life develops and changes, along with change in every other sphere of life.

I also try to spend time with other seasoned, high capacity leaders and learn how to prioritize things that matter most. I am always looking to learn from these leaders and they pour wisdom into my life. I also appreciate the level of interest they express in my personal and family life. This is a big part of the space used to determine the health of a leader and it is often times evidenced in professional performance. This is the space I also focus on with leaders around me because I know that the quality of their personal life will show it’s face in the quality of their work. But far more importantly, it helps keep the “main thing, the main thing.”

I don’t want to grow old with lots of regrets. I have enough of them from my younger years but I have also experienced forgiveness. I have intentionally shifted my outlook on life this year to focus on a specific set of priorities, because time is limited and I need God to help establish the work of my hands in order for me to move forward both personally and professionally.

Invest your time wisely and be intentional! You only get one shot at it.

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