Don’t get trapped…

One of the most valuable leadership lessons I’ve learned (through much failure) is summed up in what I’ve named my theory of the “Shiny Stuff.” I believe many of us make this mistake because I’ve seen it and deal with it on a very regular basis (I am growing here because I can now see it!). I begin the process by looking for an employee with a very specific job description. However, when I meet the candidate I start to recognize that they have other skills the organization could potentially benefit from. The main problem that comes into play here is that when I start to think of the “potential benefits down the road” I tend to lose focus on my original intent of hiring the individual… something specific. Soon after, I find myself more focused on the other attributes or “Shiny Stuff” as I’ve come to call it and that is where things tend to get blurred. I always have to re-direct my thought process to the original intent of the specific job description in order to not get caught in this trap. Working in an organization that operated with everyone wearing many hats, to now having employees with specific and focused responsibility, it is extremely important to make sure my focus is on the main thing of the hire and not be blinded by the “Shiny Stuff.” This is absolutely one of the most valuable leadership lessons I have learned…the hard way…and I hope it will help you.

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